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What You Need to Know About Thermal Tourism

Main Thermal Therapy Practices


Each water treatment has properties that are good for different diseases. The main thermal therapy applications are SPA baths, mud (Peloid) application, gas baths, drinking cures, inhalation therapy and sea treatments (Thalassotherapy).


Spa, Hammam


The history of SPA, which means "Sanus Per Aquam", meaning "health from water", dates back to Rome. SPA & thermal also means therapy centers where individuals are mentally and physically treated, relaxed and healed, especially today.


Sludge (Peloid) Applications


The return of mud applications to the body is very beneficial. Peloid mud applications are especially used for rheumatic diseases, back pain, joint diseases and chronic diseases as well as mental problems such as trauma and depression.


Gas Bath


One of the treatments performed within thermal tourism is gas bath. Gas bath is commonly used with carbon dioxide (Co2). Many of these natural spring waters also contain carbon dioxide gas. It is known that water with high carbon dioxide gas is another treatment method in thermal tourism establishments. Although it has not yet become well-known in our country, it has been found to be very useful.


Drinking Cures


Another treatment method with miraculous benefits is drinking cures! In addition to drinking cures for liver, gallbladder, stomach, intestine and metabolic diseases, bath cures are also; It is applied for diseases such as heart, circulatory disorders and rheumatism.


Inhalation Therapy


The method of delivering solid medicines into the lungs in the form of gas or vapor is called inhalation therapy. This is also one of the oldest treatment methods. The most important point of this treatment, which is most commonly used in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma, is to adjust the dose well.


Sea Treatments (Thalassotherapy)


The Greek word "talaso", meaning "sea", also has a long history. In particular; massages that can be performed under the rain of warm sea water are one of the distinctive features of thermal tourism treatments. It is also known that sea water, together with sea-specific assets such as seaweed, takes part in treatment applications.


Turkey's Place Among Thermal Tourism Types


    When the clean air, green nature and remoteness from the city of many cities in Turkey are combined with thermal waters, an important set of treatment applications emerges. Turkey has a large number of thermal water facilities that are ambitious in terms of quality. For example, surveys and research have shown that a tourist who comes to Turkey for eye surgery can spend the post-examination or post-operative recovery period in thermal tourism establishments. This world of thermal tourism, which includes health tourism, is an important type of tourism that is recognized for its increasing importance and demand in Turkey. In recent years, modern thermal tourism practices have been accelerated and developed in Turkey, especially in line with the arrival and increasing demands of tourists. In addition, many thermal facilities in our country are visited by people living in close proximity to the hotel during non-working periods such as holidays, vacations or weekends.


Benefits of an Developed Thermal Tourism


    Thermal tourism is a type of tourism that can be developed all year round and therefore does not close its season according to the seasons. It is also an area less affected by negative economic problems. At the same time, employment is provided through the recruitment of medical, hotel and specialized personnel. A few of the items included in the advanced features are as follows:


  • Composition of the working staff with competent and well-versed experts
  • Ensuring good transportation and transfer
  • The business has a thermal pool or pools
  • Use of modern technology
  • Strong infrastructure utilization
  • Inclusion of more than one, different sports activities
  • Having a rich variety of food and beverage venues


What would it be like to relax and have a thermal vacation in Bursa? Although I haven't had this experience yet, I am sure it would be a very relaxing and peaceful vacation. Because considering the natural beauties of the city, Bursa's thermal resources stand out. There are many thermal spas in Bursa, which is one of the cities that come to mind when it comes to thermal tourism in Turkey. The most well-known Bursa thermal springs are generally spread in Çekirge, Bademli Bahçe and İnegöl Oylat regions. In order to enjoy the thermal water and have a comfortable vacation experience, you can book your place by choosing the most suitable one for your taste and budget among Bursa thermal hotels.


Offering the chance to evaluate different alternatives such as thermal pools, drinking cures or mud baths, Bursa thermal spas include Oylat Hot Springs, Kükürtlü Hot Spring, Eski Hot Spring, Kaynarca Bath and Karamustafa Hot Spring. While you are in the city, don't forget to visit the places to visit in Bursa and taste Bursa food.

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